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 + 971 4 226 3299 – Al Ras

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Al Ras Clinic, Opp. Al Ras Metro Station, Deira – Dubai  

Port Saeed Clinic, Opp. Deira City Center, Centurion Star Tower 804-A

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Welcome to AbrahClinics

Abrah Clinics, founded in 1987, located near Gold Souq and Port Saeed area. We are one of the oldest and best Dental and Medical care facilities in Deira, Dubai. AbrahClinics has consistently delivered high-quality dental and medical care services at competitive rates. Therefore, the best dental clinic in deira enjoys a very strong positive word of mouth and boasts clientele from all ethnicities in Dubai.

Why Abrah Clinics?

We are one of the oldest clinics in Deira, Dubai. Our clinic is a walking distance from Dubai Gold Souk and Deira City Center. At Abrah, our team consistently strive to deliver positive experiences. Therefore, we enjoy a strong  word of mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We not only provide dental services but also design your smile & build a positive self-confidence at one of the best dental clinic in deira. Moreover, Our expert doctors can assess what modification is required to improve your smile as well as overall dental health. Feel free to give us a call.


Most people think orthodontics is only about braces. Infact, Orthodontics is about proactively eliminating health complications by aligning the teeth. For example, health issues such as earache or headaches, etc. that can result from misalignment of teeth and the jaw.

Teeth Whitening

Do you have colored teeth?. Do you dislike the deep stain on your teeth but can’t get rid of them?. No worries. Call AbrahClinic now. Consultation is free of cost.

Root Canal Treatment

We are the best in treating Root Canal patients. Our dentists have extensive experience under expert dental team providing endodontic services to all age group. Call the best dental clinic in Deira for an appointment.

Dental Implants 

It’s time to end the embarrassment caused by a missing tooth. Call AbrahClinics now to get the expert advice to get the right implant solution. Contact us now for more info.

Al Ras Branch

Opp. Al Ras Metro Station, Sheikha Latifa Bldg. #101 Al Ras, Deira Dubai

Timings :

Saturday – Thursday – 9am to 9pm 

Reach us:

Landline: +971 4 226 3299      Mobile/Whatsapp: +971 50 672 0131

Port Saeed Branch

804-A Centurion Star, 34 Street Port Saeed, Opposite Deira City Center – Dubai

Timings :

Saturday – Thursday – 9am to 9pm 

Reach us:

Landline: +971 4 235 4422      Mobile/Whatsapp: +971 50 235 4865

COSMETIC Dentistry, Orthodontics,

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