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Al-Abrah Clinic stands out as a distinguished dental and medical destination. Our advanced institution serves both local and foreign patients and has a reputation for quality. Our group of medical professionals offers various services, such as general healthcare, orthodontics, dental implants, Medical, Dermatology, 3D Scanning (OPG and CBCT), Laboratory Tests and Home Healthcare, all under the same roof in Dubai. Our skilled team is committed to meets your specific needs, whether you require modern medical care or rehabilitative dental care. Enjoy convenience and a thorough treatment plan all under one roof with one of the best dental clinic in Dubai. This is a place where your path to a happy, healthy smile begins.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to exceed your expectations with our dental and medical services. Exceptional customer service is a top priority for us, and trust is an essential component of our clinic While ensuring their oral health and wellbeing, it is our goal to build long-lasting connections with each of our patients.

Our Vision

Outstanding Medical and Dental Care: We want to ensure our patients’ well-being and pleasure by offering them the best possible medical and dental care Dubai.

Highly Skilled Team: We strive to retain a team of doctors who are committed to giving our patients the finest care possible and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in each field with top dental clinic Dubai.

Comprehensive Treatments: To meet the various needs of our patients, our objective is to provide a comprehensive variety of treatments under the same roof, including dermatology, general care, orthodontics, and dental implants and with knowledge of 33 years in dental service Dubai.

Commitment to Excellence: To make sure that our patients receive the best care possible, we are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our practice, from patient care to the newest technology and tools.

What Makes Us The Best

Highly Experienced Doctors

Guaranteed Quality Treatment

Over 3 Decades in Service

Premium Dental Use

Flexible Payment Options

World class Dentistry

Under One Roof
Flexible payment plan
Guaranteed Quality Treatment

We have Expert Dental Doctors Team with no doctor having less than of 10 years of experience. Where we can deal with with all kinds of Comprehensive treatments like, Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Extraction, Teeth Filling, Wisdom Tooth Removal- Surgical and Non Surgical, Impacted tooth removal, Orthodontic Treatment, Braces Self Ligating system, Invisible braces, Invisalign provider, Dental Implants, 3D xrays like full mouth panoramic xrays known as OPG, CBCT Cone Beam CT Scan of the jaw, All kinds of blood test, Lab Tests, Medical, Full body Health Checkup, Iv Therapies like Snow White, NAD+, Body or Skin Whitening Iv drip, Multi vitamins iv drip and a lot more, Dermatology services like Hair PRP Treatment, Facial PRP Treatment, Botox Treatment or Injections, Wrinkles Treatment, Gummy Smile along with Home Healthcare Services in Dubai under one roof. 

We offer our patients a flexible payment plan options where they can avail Tabby or Tamara 3 TO 6 months installments or else pay as you go with the clinic installment plan option in Dubai. We Al Abrah Clinic wants to serve all kinds of the patients which the treatment is either need, want or desire. So this option can may accommodate those patients who can't pay the amount at once. Affordable Dental Clinic Dubai

Right Treatment plan will be provided by our professional which will have a long lasting effect on the patient oral and general health. Our expert doctors are providing the genuine opinion to the patient no matter what circumstances are, rather than the patient delight we focus on the patient right treatment plan. Whatever we do it should be proper and authentic treatment in dubai.