Dental Implants

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Are you embarrassed to smile because of missing teeth? Do you find it difficult to eat or speak properly because of gaps in your teeth? If yes, then dental implants may be the solution for you!

At AbrahClinics, we provide dental implant services to help restore your smile and confidence. Our team of experienced dentists uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques to ensure successful and long-lasting results.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed into your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. Once the implant is placed, it fuses with the jawbone over time, providing a strong and stable base for a replacement tooth or teeth.

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Why Choose AbrahClinics for  Dental Implants?

AbrahClinics is your trusted destination for dental implants. Our team of experienced dentists and specialists are committed to providing personalized care and delivering the best results possible.

Single Tooth Replacement

Do you have a missing tooth? Single-tooth implant can solve the problem. People normally have missing teeth because of various reasons such as gum diseases or decay etc.

Fixed Implant Bridges

A fixed implant bridge is a suitable solution if a patient has several teeth missing.
The fixed implant bridge protects the jaw and makes you look beautiful as well.

Have the same smile

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of a fixed implant bridge is that it helps maintain your natural smile avoiding future complications. Besides this, a crown is a good option to cover & strengthen a damaged tooth.

Improved Easting & Taste

An implant does not cover the roof of the mouth. Therefore, a good dental implant not only will enhance your eating experience, as you would like to chew, but it significantly improves the tastes as well.

Preserving the Bone Growth

A dental implant acts like a natural tooth and it is really important for the preservation of your bone because losing bone mass is a serious issue. 

The Right Diagnosis

At AbrahClinics, we strongly suggest that you have a consultation session with one of our doctors first. The doctor would suggest the best solution as per your need & overall dental health with affoardable price.