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General Health

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General Physicain or General Practitioner:

Human body is complex and unique.Million of cells work with each other for the execution of a specific function.However, irregularities can offer manifest in the human machinery.
It is recommended to have a general health checkup every 6 months after the age of 30.

why it is important?because if you follow the recommendations you will find the problem earlier and the management will be started earlier,so it means the condition is cuaght in initially stages for example blood pressure,it is most common ignored condition,if blood pressure (BP) is diagnosed early and Management started in its initial stages you would actually save your organs(mainly kidneys and brain)from getting damaged by a high pressure,same goes with the diabetes.

So my point was to stress on the regular Health checkup atleast once in six month.
Honestly a one consultantion with your GP regularly as recommended could save your many with the specialist.

Just a simple question,why we need specialist consultation?
Just because we didn’t made it on right time to General Physician (GP) and now condition has progressed to the level where specialists can only help.

Save yourself,save your health,save your time ,save your money just with a regular General Physician (GP) consultation


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