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Dr. Azeem Patel

   Specialist Orthodontist

Orthodontist in Deira Dubai
Orthodontics in deira
Othodontist in dubai
Braces in Dubai | Before and after
Best Orthodontist in Deira

Customized Braces

Our expert doctor will assess your bite and the overall teeth alignment to provide you a tailor-made solution with free orthodontist consultation and provides you treatment plan as well. Best orthodontist in deria dubai, In fact provifing intallment plan on treatment plans.



Why you need braces

If a person has gaping teeth or misalignment in her jaw, they can benefit from braces. Braces are also used if a person has crowded teeth, buck teeth, and an abnormal bite.

Orthodontics Services are expensive?

People generally perceive that orthodontic services are very expensive in Dubai. However, it is not always the case. We offer very competitive services at AbrahClinics in Dubai. Get to know us by joining our free consultation.



Who is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who not only offers normal dental services but is also trained to fix teeth and jaw alignment. Abrah clinic provides one the best orthodontics in deira dubai.



Orthodontics issues

Orthodontics is not just about fixing your smile but it is much more than that. An orthodontic issue might cause a headache, earache, and jaw pain.Futthermore, it can also create a chewing problem. Besides this, it is hard to clean crowded teeth.

Braces for adults & children

We have got the full range of braces to cater to both adults and children. One of the most popular solutions is Invisalign that we provide. Call us now for the best orthodontist in Deira Dubai.

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Lovely atmosphere. Helpful and devoted staff. Friendly and talented doctors. I met them when I volunteered at their health screening camp. Definitely recommended if anoyone’s got dental issues

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