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Root Canal Treatment – RCT | Endodontist in Dubai

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 The Al Abrah Clinics – ‘Best Root Canal Treatment in Dubai’ 

Why choose Al Abrah Dental and Medical Clinic?

We take pride in providing the best of root canal therapy along with many other dental and medical treatments through our Experience of 34 Years. Our hospitality, Professional Standards and Family care has kept our patients coming only to us and what brings us the most joy is they refer to us their family members and friends.


Dentist near me

Are you in Pain due to Decayed Tooth?

We provide you with the best root canal treatment from our best dentist in dubai, having years of professional experience who use state of the art materials in all treatments that assures to save the tooth and eliminate the pain from the first visit.

What is Root Canal treatment – (RCT) ?

It is a process where the dentist removes the infected pulp of the teeth and replaces it with a filling restoring the tooth to its normal function. For mre details click here.




Is a root canal treatment painful?

During treatment the pulp that is inside the tooth which is the cause of the pain is removed and people fear root canals as they think it is painful though in reality, our patients report of not having any pain during the treatment and upon filling and crown placement. While getting treatment from best dentist in Dubai at Abrah clinic’s you will feel no pain.   


When it is done?

There are many reasons for the tooth to go under root canal therapy but the most common reasons we have seen in the patient coming to us is when:

  1. The pulp becomes injured or infected, it cannot repair itself, and the nerve tissue within dies.
  2. There is a deep cavity, a cracked tooth, or a loose/broken filling that allowed the bacteria to infect the pulp tissue.
  3. An injury to the pulp that makes the tooth sensitive to high and low temperatures. There may be pain when chewing, having sweets and some people have a continuous, throbbing pain that they cannot even sleep at night.


How it is done?

Root canal therapy is done in three steps, and it takes between one or two sessions to complete and we try to keep it less to increase patient comfort.



Root Canal Tratment in Deira               Dental clinic near me


  1. Cleaning the root canal

First, with the patient under local anesthesia, the doctor removes everything that is inside the root canals which includes cleaning the cavity and taking out the infected pulp.

  1. Filling the root canal

Then, the doctor cleans, shapes and decontaminates the root canals with special cleaning solutions. Then, the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material, using a glue like cement to seal the canals completely and tooth brought back to normal function.

  1. Adding a crown or filling

Lastly, with the tooth going through an infection, followed by deep cleaning of the canals and replacement material placed, the tooth will be now more fragile than it was before. A tooth undergone Root Canal Therapy will usually become more brittle as time goes by, so a crown offers added and long term protection.


Price (Discount available):

The price of root canal therapy depends on the location and the inside shape of the tooth in the mouth and on the number of visits. We try our best to reduce the visits so it’s affordable and comfortable for the patient undergoing it.

At Abrah Clinics we continue to have offers on dental treatments and you can call and check with us. Clinic main branch is located opposite  to Al Ras Metro Station, Deira – Dubai. 2 minutes walk from Dubai Gold Souq. Best root canal treatment plan advise with flexible payment plan in Dubai. Our second branch is located opposite to Deira City Center, in Port Saeed area with the name Al Abrah Clinic – Port Saeed, Deira-Dubai. We are always available to answers all your queries.


Abrah Clinic having best feedback around Dubai regarding the root canal  treated patients  and we try our best to serve our patients generously with right treatment plan for their case. You can reach to us and check on daily offers or packages.  We will make sure to bundle your treatment with cleaning or whitening, so not only you can enjoy your favorite yummy foods but also smile confidently with a bright and shining smile.

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