Oral Hygiene means to keep the mouth healthy and clean from unwanted bacteria (germs). Good and soft spoken people always maintain their oral hygiene and speak truth with confidence.

As face is index of mind, the mouth is index of heart and is gateway of full body. Anything we eat and chew passes through mouth will remain healthy, if our mouth is clean and tidy.  teeth cleaning in Dubai, scaling and polishing in Deira Dubai


Therefore, continuous care of teeth cleaning which includes scaling and polishing and healthy oral hygiene will effectively reduce the risk of diseases in whole body. Teeth decay can seen found while teeth cleaning process which can be filled with dental tooth coloured fillings. Which will definitely stop the decay to spread in the infected tooth and will ultimately save your time and money. This is why teeth cleaning is important for every human being and early follow up with dentist as well.



Dentist always advise for routine checkups for quarterly, both common attitude of the people is going to Dentist whenever there is pain or problem or when daily life activities are effected.


Moreover, we always announce and welcome all the people for Free Dental checkup and advice patients the treatments needs to be done to save their teeth at our clinic in Dubai.




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Some people might need mouth or Teeth Cleaning after every six months and others after every year. Different brands of toothpaste and brushes are available in the market. They must be used with dentist conscent. All brushes are not good and medicated. Brushing techniques are most important with good timings.


Moreover, Miswak is good during abloution but and ful fill the needs of all people. Dentist will advise you the best solution according to your mouth condition and teeth bite. We at Al Abrah Clinic one of the best dental clinic in Dubai with having best dentist and orthodontist specialist team provides free dental consultation to all patients along with treatment plan. We are providing all kinds of dental treatment under one roof at affordable price and without compromising on the quality.



Customer satisfaction is more important than customer delight. So, that is why we are more focused and determined to work done. Clean teeth with good mouth smell gives more confidence to the people to interact and communicate with each other. Our dentist in Dubai will help you to achieve your teeth goals with affordable prices and quality that you can trust.