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Why Choose Us?

Your Best Choice for Comprehensive Medical and Dental Care

Al-Abrah Clinic stands out as a distinguished dental and medical destination. Our advanced institution serves both local and foreign patients and has a reputation for quality. Our group of medical professionals offers various services, such as dermatology, general healthcare, orthodontics, and dental implants, all under the same roof. Our skilled team is committed to meets your specific needs, whether you require modern medical care or rehabilitative dental care. Enjoy convenience and a thorough treatment plan all under one roof. This is a place where your path to a happy, healthy smile begins.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to exceed your expectations with our dental and medical services. Exceptional customer service is a top priority for us, and trust is an essential component of our clinic While ensuring their oral health and wellbeing, it is our goal to build long-lasting connections with each of our patients.

Our Vision

Outstanding Medical and Dental Care: We want to ensure our patients’ well-being and pleasure by offering them the best possible medical and dental care.

Highly Skilled Team: We strive to retain a team of doctors who are committed to giving our patients the finest care possible and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in each field.

Comprehensive Treatments: To meet the various needs of our patients, our objective is to provide a comprehensive variety of treatments under the same roof, including dermatology, general care, orthodontics, and dental implants.

Commitment to Excellence: To make sure that our patients receive the best care possible, we are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our practice, from patient care to the newest technology and tools.

What Makes Us The Best

Highly Experienced Doctors

Guaranteed Quality Treatment

Over 3 Decades in Service

Premium Dental Use

Flexible Payment Options

World class Dentistry

Under One Roof
Flexible payment plan
Guaranteed Quality Treatment

Advanced dental technology allows us to take our high standard of quality care to the next level. By incorporating extremely accurate methods and techniques, you can feel confident that you’re receiving some of the best dental treatment in the world. Especially when our technological advancements are backed by a multi-specialty team of dental experts.

Some of the technology we use includes 3D CBCT scanning for improved diagnostics and treatment planning, 3D guided dental implant placement (reducing treatment length and recovery times), digital scanners to scan your teeth instead of traditional impressions, endodontic microscopes for highly successful root canal therapy, drill-free dental fillings, laser gum therapy, and other laser dentistry options.

Streamlining your care experiences saves you time and improves comfort. Our office is equipped with resources to provide same-day dental care that reduces the number of appointments you need. Same-day dentistry is perfect if you have a busy schedule or prefer to have all of your treatment completed while under sedation.

One example of our same-day treatments is onsite, custom-milled dental crowns. Thanks to 3D CAD/CAM CEREC technology, we’re able to design, create, and deliver a custom ceramic dental crown in just one appointment.

Our Dental Clinics in Dubai (Dubai dentists) accept a variety of different dental insurance plans. We also offer flexible payment options with 0% monthly installment plans. Easily afford monthly payments on your necessary or elective care, whether it’s something simple or as complex as full mouth rehabilitation. Finance your smile makeover or dental implant treatment to enjoy the benefits without having to wait.

Each patient receives a detailed treatment plan outlining the costs and options available. You’ll feel confident about your choice of care, knowing that we’re honest about the services offered.